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Knitting is not the only way you can help us. Consider donating to us directly by clicking the button below.

Any donation no matter how small is appreciated.


"Warming the world one square at a time"

Warm The World is a non profit organisation that places baskets of wool and knitting needles in the waiting rooms of doctors, dentists, lawyers, beauticians, hairdressers, school staff rooms and with knitting groups. People who are waiting knit a few rows of a square whilst they wait and the next client simply carries on until it is a square. We collect the finished squares and deliver them to unemployed women in Hillbrow, Alexandra and Soweto who are paid to sew them into blankets.

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The blankets are distributed to over 50 beneficiaries all over Gauteng, Limpopo. Mpumalanga and other areas including orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, creches and schools.

200 000+
Squares Knitted
Blankets Donated
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How to Help

Start a trend by knitting for a good cause and make waiting worthwhile!

➤ Donate

Your donation will go a long way to keep the world warm! Warm the world is always in need of contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporations to sustain the success of the organization. Funds will be used to pay unemployed women who sew squares into blankets and to buy wool and knitting needles.

➤ Knit for Warm the world

If you can knit or crochet you can help Warm The World! We will provide the wool, and any squares, blankets, beanies, scarves or gloves that you create will be passed on to our beneficiaries. Individual squares should be 30x30 stiches and blankets 5x6 squares

➤ Spread the warmth

We welcome calls from doctors, spas, hair salons, coffee shops and schools as well as any other businesses or school outreach programs who wish to participate in this project.



You can contact us directly or drop us an email, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Sharise: +27 (83) 250 0985
Jade: +27 (72) 233 8700
Hannah: +27 (83) 600 5415
Ruth: +27 (82) 578 0992


Sharise Weiner
Ruth Ginsberg
Tecla Gwala


Dr Shirley Lipchitz

Email: warmtheworld2012@gmail.com